Change is not enough. We are UnBecoming.

UnBecoming Consulting + Coaching + Storytelling is for fierce visionaries radically reimagining how we work.

So that we all thrive.


You are a radical business and organizational leader who is not here to do business-as-usual.

I see you being the change you want to see in this world.

But creating radically aligned business and organizations that truly benefit people and the planet ain’t for the faint of heart.

That’s by design, but you already know that.

You are unraveling from extractive practices that are the backbone of business-as-usual culture.

You want to radically reimagine and transform your business, organization,  and leadership.

You are not just using the jargon of social impact, sustainability, and social justice.

You want to embody work that is in full alignment with your values.

Where we locate our work

You are meeting your edge because business transformation requires personal transformation.

Transformation is a creative practice. It is personal, relational, and collective.

This is where I meet you.

In that transformational place as you radically reimagine how we do business so that we all collectively thrive.

This is our UnBecoming.

Who I am

Hi, I am Jenn Schindel, PhD.

I am a Conscious Business Strategist + Coach +  Storyteller.

I help leaders, organizations, and businesses radically redesign their work livelihood in alignment with their audacious desire to collectively thrive.

UnBecoming is my framework rooted in my unwavering belief that personal transformation can be a radical practice in service of collective liberation.

If we are truly committed to radically transforming our business as a force for good, we must:


the places where tools of oppression creep into our vision of liberation


our vision by unraveling from practices that are rooted in dominant culture


into our radically redesigned leadership, business, and livelihood

Why we do this work

This work is rooted in radical joy and wild imagination.

My work emerges from 20+ years across roles in academia, strategy, business development, and coaching. My work is rooted in my own UnBecoming that guides me in radically redesigning my livelihood in alignment with my audacious desire to thrive — in my work, in my relationships, in my family, in my community.

I am committed to a practice that is antiracist, abolitionist, decolonizing, and stewards our next economy by transforming our business practices, our relationships, and how we show up in community.

What we do

UnBecoming is how we radically redesign our business – and our lives – from the inside out. 

We must embody a radical transformation through a cyclical practice of UnBecoming.

Here is how we can do that work together:

Leadership Coaching

You are in a radical transition creating a business in alignment with your values and vision that we all must collectively thrive.

I work as a coach and thought partner as you unravel from what no longer serves you so you can embody your work as the radical leader you are UnBecoming.

Business Strategy

As a mission-driven business and organization you are committed to going beyond the jargon toward radically redesigning your practices, business model, and strategic communications.

I work with you as a strategist and thought partner to catalyze your commitment to UnBecoming a business that is a force for good.

Your Story

You are called to tell your story in a way that is authentic and not a commodified marketing tool.

I work with you as a writer, storyteller, and coach to illuminate the story of your UnBecoming that is your guide to creating the business and livelihood that is in alignment with your vision.

What people say

I am building this work in collective, not in competition.

UnBecoming is part of an emerging ecosystem of radical strategists, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives who are committed to our collective transformation.

Working with Jenn Schindel has been a journey of profound discovery and growth both personally and in the development of Beyond Ordinary Business (BOB). Through her UnBecoming framework, I gained profound insights into the systemic forces that influenced my perceptions and actions. Jenn’s approach clarified that many of the challenges I faced weren't personal flaws but systemic issues, a realization that brought immense relief. Where once I felt burdened by my perceptions and actions, through Jenn’s coaching I transformed those burdens into pathways of understanding and self-compassion. As both a coach and consultant, she played an indispensable role in shaping BOB, holding me accountable and empowering me to own my body of work fully. In our collaborative efforts, we've forged an alchemy that stands as a testament to the power of co-creation. Jenn Schindel is not just a consultant; she is a beacon of transformative change.

Claudia Cordova Rucker Founder Beyond Ordinary Business

I am so lucky to have found Jenn. Working with Jenn, I always found my own answers, even when I thought that I was too novice to know what was best for me and my coaching business. After each session with Jenn, I left feeling energized and empowered. I felt like I always knew just which direction I needed to go. Jenn also helped me break into a writing practice, something I previously declared myself too busy to try. Jenn’s support seems to permeate beyond sessions and gently float its way into my day to day so that I feel more encouraged and empowered consistently across both my writing practice and my blossoming coaching business. I cannot recommend Jenn enough for her mentoring and coaching offering.

Beth Harmon Founder Beth Harmon Self-Love Coaching

Are you ready to take the first step?