Tell Me Your Story

To know where we are we must locate where we have been.

Writing is a form of freedom more accessible than many and there are forces at work that would like to withhold it from those whose stories most threaten the regimes that govern this society. Fuck them. Write your life.

— Melissa Febos; Body Work: The Radical Power of Personal Narrative


Writing our life is an art of discernment.

To tell the truth is to tell truths. All of them as they rise and fall and shape-shift across time and space.

When we write our life we write the stories that betrayed us. The stories we cling to until that miraculous moment when something beyond comprehension gently releases our death grip one finger at a time until our hands open and false narratives slip through our fingers as cremated remains meant to join the wind and the sea and the soil.

And we gasp in fear that the air we need to stay alive has also disappeared through our fingers and we will simply die. But the moment comes when we realize we are breathing with every cell in our body and we gasp in awe that this is what if feels like to be fully alive.

Because when I say Tell Me Your Story I am saying bear witness to what emerges when you unravel from the stories that convinced you that facts and not the art of fully inhabiting your life will set you free.

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Jenn Schindel, PhD

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