Thought Leadership Mastermind Waitlist

You’re on your way to building an authentic, liberatory life filled with authentic, liberatory relationships—on your own terms. 

I honor your courage and willingness to come this far. You already know you’re here to do hard things.

The good news: You don’t have to do it alone (in fact, you can’t).

More good news: You get to be vulnerable (you have to be).

Even better news: I am committed to bringing this work out of the shadows into intentionally designed collective community practice.

I would love for you to help co-create this space.

Drop your email below to receive updates on our Leadership Reimagined Collective designed to launch in January 2022. This will take you to my Full Moon newsletter UNRAVEL where I will provide updates in the coming weeks.

I believe in co-creating and building in collective so there will be opportunity to provide feedback as the offering details take shape and crystalize.

Thank you!


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