We Are UnBecoming

It's time to reimagine personal transformation work as a radical practice in service of collective liberation.

Where I Locate My Work

I am a Radical Transitions Writer + Coach + Consultant and my people are visionaries — entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches, writers, artists, and you — who are divesting from oppressive practices and creating livelihoods in full alignment with our audacious desire to thrive.

These inside out radical transitions are always personal, relational, and collective.

Psssst, that means they transcend the false separation of “professional” and “personal” life. It’s all life.

As a Radical Transitions Writer + Coach + Consultant I am here to reimagine coaching as a radical practice. A practice where we fearlessly tend to the intersections of our individual and collective liberation work.

Some of us roll our eyes at life and leadership coaching for understandable reasons. We’re gonna get to that in a moment.

I am here to divest from white dominant culture that leverages hyper-individualism, spiritual bypassing, toxic positivity, and extractive capitalist definitions of success. So that our personal transformation work is an art in service of our collective liberation.

Attention economy stalwarts would tell me to feed you short pithy marketing speak because that is the only thing that you will pay attention to.


I am a writer and you are a reader (and maybe a writer too). My guess is that if you are here reading this sentence you are not about that bullshit and are seeking slower reflection and deeper connection.

So shall we slow down and dive in?

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Jenn Schindel, PhD

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